Minnesotans have been waiting patiently for spring to show its face this season.  Maybe we will just go from winter, to “SPRINTER”, to summer.  April has been filled with rain, sleet, snow, and occasionally the sun poking through for a few minutes here and there.  Let’s take our minds off the weather being so awful and shift our focus to why the weather is acting this way.  Is it Mother Nature just being cruel to us or is it global warming? We may not know, but regardless of this sprinter weather, April has always been a month of keeping the earth clean; or trying to make it better.  In this day and age we should all try to be cautious of what we do to the earth each and every day. Why do we need a month or even a National Earth Day to do something great for the earth? I think we are all guilty of taking those showers a little too long, running the dishwasher half full, or even keeping lights on when they are not needed.  If we all try to make one single change in how we treat the earth each day we will make a difference.  Today is National Earth Day, let us know what you are doing to celebrate Mother Earth, and be entered to win a $25.00 gift card.  You can also stop in and donate $12 to the Audubon Society to help clean up the Mississippi River, and we will GIVE YOU A FREE Light the way candle from Aveda.