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Let’s burn some candles, pick some apples, choose our pumpkins, and bring this fall in with style. Here are a few of my favorites for a great start to a new season! -Lori Novak

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is give myself a facial using the Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque. I spent the summer neglecting my skin, the sun, wind, lake water, pools, and lots of sweat cause havoc on my pores. Now is the time that I notice myself looking in the mirror and not knowing who I am. This masque smooth’s and refines skin immediately for a healthy glow. Finely powdered tourmaline-one of nature’s most energizing minerals-boosts skin’s energy, while natural exfoliants help skin gently shed dull, lackluster surface cells-revealing new radiance. If we could all spend one hour once a week and pamper ourselves, the world would be a more beautiful place.

My hair took a beating this summer. Pony tails and messy buns were my standby looks. The heat, sun, chlorine, wind, and lake water were havoc on my locks. I started using Bumble and bumble’s Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil, oh what a difference it has made! I use it to soften, smooth and reduce frizz, tame fly-aways, detangle and strengthen hair against breakage. I work it into my damp hair before air drying or blow-drying, or smooth through dry hair for a more polished look.  It also smells amazing!

I love to burn candles. Lighting the wick, smelling the aroma as it lingers in the air, watching the light soften the room as the wax burns down. It is all so calming, and yet somehow refreshing. The candle here is from Aveda. The amber glass is actually made from a recycled beer bottle.

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Summer Hair

With the official start of summer just three days away it’s time to welcome in the new summer trends! Long, long locks are in and so versatile. Beachy waves, boho braids and smooth with a bit of movement are all beautiful and of-the-moment. Hair color with tonal dimension in rich vibrant hues is taking over last season’s ombre craze. I just returned from L.A., and seeing their trends is a sneak peak into what will come to the MidWest soon! I’m so excited to kick off these trends of shiny, long hair in all the twists and waves that hair can be made to do!