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Now Trending: Redheads turn up the HEAT this fall

hair by Megan“Get your ginge on” is a term we have been hearing this fall.  Autumn leaves falling, red wine, pumpkins and spiced candles burning make us think of ginger, as in every shade of red.

Embrace this warm trend in hair color.  Start out subtle place a few “ginge” highlights or using balayage techniques to warm up your base color.  Contrast, depth, and reflection, that’s the key when you are going for “ginge”.

Debra Messing, Ashley Greene, Julia Roberts and Florence Welch have been praised for their beautiful rich red color, while Jennifer Aniston, Christina Hendricks and Blake Lively all represent the strawberry-blondes.  Red is a power color that makes a bold statement, it’s an absolute head-turner.  Are your ready to try it for the first time?  Let one of our talented r!ah Hair Studio stylist help you reach your inner ginge.hair by hope


October is..

bca ribbon

October is fall, October is Halloween, October is sports, October is getting ready for the holidays but most importantly October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Over 230,000 women in the United States have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year and these numbers are still increasing. According to the American Cancer Society 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. A shocking 39,620 women have died from beast cancer in the year 2013. Although breast cancer diagnoses are decreasing throughout the years it is still the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. So many lives and families all across the world are affected by this disease and it is something that cannot be ignored. Almost everyone, directly or indirectly has been affected by breast cancer in some way or another and almost all can agree, it is a tragedy. Cancer is a deadly disease and takes millions of lives each year, this month we are choosing to focus on breast cancer and raise awareness for men, women, and families all around the world. Although there is no cure for breast cancer there are some things we can do to help prevent developing this disease later in life. Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining regular exercise, regularly getting checked by a physician, and being aware of signs and symptoms in your body can help to prevent breast cancer or catch it an early, treatable stage. My heart goes out to families who have lost a loved one from cancer or those battling with this disease now. From personal experience, the battle is hard but you are not alone. Join the Journey is a local organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Every year they host an annual Join the Journey 10 mile breast cancer awareness walk and many other events throughout the year. Let us strive to create awareness for cancer and breast cancer every month of every year and celebrate the lives of those we have loved and lost.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,

“Its not the length of life, its the depth of life.”




Health Warning! Do NOT shampoo in the shower
DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!!

It’s so good to finally get a health warning that is useful!!!


I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure this out sooner! I use shampoo in the shower! When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed very clearly on the shampoo label this warning; “FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME.”

No wonder I have been gaining weight!

Well! I got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with Dawn Dishwashing Soap. It’s label reads, “DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.”


Fall Fashion Essentials

As fall comes around and we put away our shorts and sandals, it’s time for us to break out the boots and sweaters, whether we want to or not. For me, the change of seasons is a fun time to change up my wardrobe as the trends come and go. As Ralph Lauren once said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly, style is forever.” Everyone has a different style. Some of my favorite trends right now include short booties. Literally any color or heel size. They go with anything and who can argue that?

 Denim, denim, denim. I love my denim jacket for fall or even a denim vest. Of course a classic skinny jean looks fab, but a looser boyfriend style jean paired with a cropped sweater and booties is a great casual look. Haven’t washed your hair? Throw on a hat. A fedora or even a loose beanie.

Those are a few of my favs. Tell us yours!

love, Erin