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What are you doing for Earth Month?

April is Earth Month. It always amazes me how dirty everything looks once the snow melts and we start seeing the mess that we left behind, the one the snow so beautifully covered up. It isn’t beautiful now, it’s darn right ugly. What a great time to get out and start cleaning up our neighbourhoods from all of the littler that has settled onto the ground. Each year my kids spend time picking up trash at their school on Earth day- which is officially on Monday April 22.

I took a quiz on Earthday.org to see what my carbon footprint is. Here are some of the things I am going to change this year.

  • I will water one of my plants with left over water/ice from our drinking glasses.
  • I will sweep my sidewalk, driveway, and garage instead of spraying with the garden hose.
  • I will turn the water off while I brush my teeth.
  • I will eat food from local vendors.
  • I will plant a garden.

What will you do?