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Spring 2018

Spring is a time of unpredictable change. The weather can vacillate and tease us, going from balmy and 55 degrees to 18″ of snow in a matter of hours.  This time of year, Minnesotans are typically running around without our winter coats in the hopes that we won’t freeze between our car and whatever building we are going into.  The thought of summer starts to linger in our minds, and with that comes a happy-go-lucky sort of cheer in the air.  The sun shines bright and the days are getting longer.  Yes. This. Is. Good.

In the world of fashion, spring 2018 New York Fashion Week showed clothes in bright saturated hues. London Fashion Week was more subdued, with softer pastels.  Both New York and London showcased mermaid, beachy, carefree hair. Braids, half up, low slung ponytails, blunt chin-skimming bobs, double bound ponytails, and twisted hair tucks were some of my favorites.  Make up this season is fresh, simple, and most importantly shows off your healthy skin.  Get out of your matte lips, and into nude gloss.  Rose gold both on eyes and lips is perfect for this time of year. Brows are still a big trend this spring, just brushed up, still full and natural looking. Check out some of these great looks at Cosmopolitan.

At r!ah Hair Studio, we absolutely love spring.  Spring is in the air, even if there is still snow on the ground.

Hope to see you soon!

-Lori Novak