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Are you feeling lucky this winter?


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We have had a great start to our winter season.  Although, most of us tend to dread the never ending snow and bitter cold.  We grow to hate winter and all of its interruptions in our daily routines. Harsh driving conditions, dead plant life, slippery ice, and cold wind make it easy to complain about the winter.  I  tend to want to hibernate inside until it’s over.  This year I am trying something new.   What if we could find the beauty in winter, celebrate the snow, and embrace the cold? Sounds crazy I know.   What if we could really try to appreciate this season we are in and love the state of Minnesota for the next few months? Lets get out of our houses and find things to do to enjoy this time of year and see the beauty of the snow in these wintry months instead of just enduring it.  My family and I have been getting out on the beautiful Douglas Trail on the weekends for a little snowy adventure.  You can see from the pics, all of us (including the dogs) have had a blast!


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We want to see what you are doing this winter.  Post here, or share a photo on our Facebook page from your winter adventure to be entered to win a day of pampering at r!ah.  Winner will receive free services and lunch with us, including a facial, hair cut, and color service.  Good Luck, and get out there!



Comments (27)

  1. Anna Sutherland

    I love to spend time in the house baking Christmas cookies for friends and family while sitting by the fire and drinkin cocoa

  2. I love watching my daughter play basketball all winter long. It’s fun traveling all over as long as the roads are clear:)

  3. Jessica Kipp

    I love staying playing outside with the kids and then drinking hot cocoa and watching a movie!

  4. Winter gets a bad reputation for driving conditions, but we are very careful and rarely let that get in our way. I love winter because it is the perfect time to visit family and friends and celebrate. I love love playing outside with our dog, Henry. There is nothing cuter than pups jumping in the snow like little bunnies!

  5. We enjoy sledding, outdoor hockey, and building a family of snowmen. Winters beauty is under appreciated based on some less than desirable side effects (driving, bitterly cold) that’s what makes winter with small children so fun, they still appreciate winter entirely!

  6. I love spending time with family. This winter my 2 year old “let” me pull her all over our yard in her sled. We also enjoy watching movies and going to monkey junction.

  7. I love to watch my dog jump around in the snow like a bunny. We go to the park and throw a frisbee around.

  8. Glorie Reed

    I love the snow not the ice. I usually don’t go out in the snow,but now that I’m a Grandmother I get to play in the snow again and not feel silly. I’m going to get so snow pants for next year, jeans aren’t warm enough for snow angels.

  9. In the winter we spend lots of time in gyms watching our kids sporting activities!

  10. I love baking, and curling up with a good book in the winter. I’m planning on going sledding and to the social ice event in Rochester in the next month!

  11. We love making snow ice cream! We also like secretly shoveling the neighbors driveways!

  12. Even when it’s pretty bone-chilling cold, I still love to get outdoors on a run. Nothing prettier than a quiet gravel road lined in snowy trees.

  13. Skiing/snowboarding! Watching the kids gain confidence as they navigate the slopes is definitely worth enduring the cold!!

  14. I love going out and about with my daughter so she can take beautiful pictures of the weather changes, local arts, and the city itself!!

  15. We came from Vegas this summer, so winter has been a pleasant shock for us! The snowmen, sledding, daily hot cocoa, and all around wintertime fun have been a blast! I love seeing the family all dressed to the nines in puffer coats, sturdy boots, and face covering gear 😉 Here’s to an exciting, adventure filled winter!

  16. I love making homemade pizzas, drinking wine and cuddling with my cat at home during this cold winter! 🙂

  17. Love watching my daughter and all the other JLDS competition dancers at various competitions. Love watching my son and his basketball team. Love finding a day to spend baking banana bread, cookies, and other treats. Love curling up with a good book or a marathon of movies. Dislike anything where I have to be outside in the cold, but without it I would never want to do these other things I love!!!

  18. Mandy Cummings

    I love watching my 3 year old son play in the snow and watching my one year old daughter see and feel snow for the first time! It’s the little things in life that makes my heart happy! Like watching your son make cookies with his dad.

  19. We pretended we were done here warm, and played in the water at the Wisconsin Dells.

  20. Loved being home with my whole family in one place! Also loved that we tried to go to Florida on vacation but the cold weather followed us!!!

  21. I love seeing the kids excitement about the snow. Sledding, ice skating, making snow angels and snowmen are a few of our favorites!

  22. I love to get outside when it’s above 20 to ski, snowshoe, sled, even shovel. I am working on building a love for Minnesota winters since they are so chilly! However it would be great to spend that extra chilly day at the spa:)

  23. I love getting out in the snow with my 3 year old this year! He’s much more interested in having a great time in the snow. I was able to trek over to our shed and get his sandbox toys out and he had a blast with his dump truck and bulldozer in the snow!